Trellis Cable Hardware

Sightlines now offers a line of stainless steel trellis cable fittings to complement our complete line of turnbuckles, cable fittings and cable assemblies for railing infills, structural supports, fabric structures, canopies, fixture hanging, seismic bracing, exercise equipment, and anywhere a high quality stainless steel cable is required.

Posts are used to terminate cables at corner or end conditions. Through hole in base allows mounting bolt (not included) to attach to wall with concrete shield, through bolts, etc. Single hole for one cable termination, 2 holes for corner conditions.Mounting base available but not shown, provides large diameter base for stability and to offset post from wall.

Cross clamps are used to clamp 2 cables at 90 degrees.

Cross Clamps
Wire Size
5/32 – 3/16""
7/32 – 1/4"

Posts. A standard hole is for 1/4″ threaded studs.

3" with either 1 or 2 holes
4" with either 1 or 2 holes
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